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Nasa Adapts Pulse Oximeter Technology For Space Travel

NASA has always been in the forefront of ground breaking technology for many years now, and they are not slowing down anytime soon. Even as the United States economy has shrunk the budget of the agency, it has not let this challenge to get in the way of progress. NASAs missions include various trips into space and specifically the Russian controlled space station. Ever since the agency came into existence, they have focused on astronaut safety before anything else. The value of life amongst the agency is high, and no missions goal precedes it. There have been accidents in the past where brave astronauts have lost their lives. We have even seen instances where civilians on missions have lost their lives like in the case of shuttle Columbia. In order to maintain the health of its astronauts, the agency strives to both develop and adopt technology that helps it monitor the health of its astronauts. The monitoring of various vital signs provides mission specialists a direct view of the conditions experienced by the astronauts, and any challenges that they may be encountering. Some of these challenges might not even be known to the astronauts, but mission control is always one step ahead whenever possible.

A recent tool that has been adopted into NASA and its various missions is the pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter, also known as a pulse ox by some medical professionals, is a medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate of individuals. These are important factors of the human body, because they provide data that can be used to determine how efficient the lungs and heart are at any given point of time. In the past a pulse oximeter was a bulky tabletop unit only seen in clinical settings, but with recent advances in technology all that has drastically changed. A new fingertip pulse oximeter is smaller than most cell phones, and runs on standard batteries. NASA is working on using a finger oximeter to develop a device that is the same size, but transmit its data to mission specialists via intermediate hardware and software. NASA is also going to adapt on their pulse oximeter to withstand harsher conditions that are not present here on Earth. Variances in temperature and pressure are big factors to consider when creating products to be used in space.

A pulse oximeter has again proven its ability as a necessary tool for the monitoring of health conditions of patients.

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Screaming at work is not the correct strategy for dealing with conflict. Whether you are a manager or an employee, screaming is just not the right approach to deal with your boss, your co-workers or your employees. When managers take on a screaming approach, then employees think that screaming is okay. But overall screaming just is not good for business.

What do customers think when they are at the counter waiting to purchase your high quality services or products and they find that the employees are have an out and out screaming match?

It really doesn’t even matter what the topic is. The customer feels uncomfortable. What should they do? Do they say “excuse me”? Or do they wait patiently for the match to end, or perhaps they just leave their items on the counter and walk out. What happens to the customer after they leave your business? Are they speaking highly of your customer service? Do they want to return or do they feel a new service provider — your competition.

When there is fighting at work it decreases your business effectiveness. There is an impact on the customers and there is a detrimental impact on your staff and managers. For staff, they feel angry, uncomfortable, hurt and possibly many other emotions.

There is an impact on their work performance as well and it is a negative impact. They may even feel depressed and/or helpless; that they are powerless to change the environment and make it a good place to work. For managers, if they are the screamer, they may actually feel fearful and be dealing with their fears as a manager with loud outbursts. The manger may also feel helpless as they have created a pattern of behavior that they are unsure how to change.

Screaming behaviors do need to be changed by both managers and employees.

For employees, managers/leaders need to give staff alternatives through coaching and training they must teach new behaviors and coach staff on how to make needed changes. Boundaries of acceptable behaviors should be outlined for staffs. For managers, business owners and leaders take on the responsibility to recognize the impact of this behavior and seek out resources to make necessary changes. They too, can outline boundaries of acceptable behavior for managers and let them know that screaming is not acceptable. The impact of terminating employees and managers is severe. It is worth investing in coaching and training to make changes in behavior. Good coaching combined with training can have dramatic impacts on these types of behaviors.

Through this combination new skills can be learned and then practiced. Creating a coaching culture can be the long term goal. By teaching managers how to use coaching skills to work with staffs over controlling, screaming, and dis-empowering will all be addressed. Managers will take a new approach that is focused on employee empowerment and engagement, increased innovation and a collaborative team environment. The results are happier employees and manager; ultimately your company becomes a good place to work.
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