Technological development is constant. New technologies surround us and are present in our daily lives. In everyday life, at work, in communications, even in our own homes. The intelligent home is already a reality and Hisense is contributing to its development.

Last February, the Mobile Wold Congress took place in Barcelona, one of the largest technological events in the world, in which Hisense participated and was presenting its IoT (Internet of Things) modules. Three different modules of IoT developed to make a precise management of buildings and intelligent homes. The modules presented are: an intelligent energy management system, an intelligent parking system and an air conditioning management system.

Hisense also took part in the MCE (Mostra Convegno Expocomfort) in Milan in March. The most important air-conditioning and air conditioning fair of the year in which it presented its new Split models, portable and fixed air-conditioning systems.

To use these modules is not always necessary the use of wifi connection, as it is created with the most powerful technology capable of managing large enclosures and buildings.

What’s a smart home?

Practically without realizing it, we’ve turned our home into a smart home. From the time we woke up to the time we went to bed, we’ve stopped doing many tasks that we used to have to do and that are now in the hands of technology.

It’s no longer so strange to be at home and stumble upon a robot that vacuums your house. Nor do we find it strange to have coffee ready when we wake up in the morning. We have even left in the hands of technology the suggestions and recommendations about music, movies or series.

In addition, we can control the appliances of our intelligent home from anywhere as is the case of Hisense air conditioners. An economical, efficient solution with the latest technology developed so far. We present it to you next.

Hisense: intelligent air conditioning

For the past few years, Hisense has been developing its latest technology in IoT to provide us with an intelligent home. One of its greatest achievements is in its new air conditioning ranges. Can you imagine being able to regulate the temperature of your home from anywhere? Hisense allows you to do this thanks to the intelligent technology developed in their air conditioning systems. Through an internet connection and a simple mobile application, you can condition your home without having to be there.

Hisense air conditioners provide an ideal way to regulate the indoor environment of your home, whether it is large or small. Hisense is the first brand of household appliances to include Inverter technology in their air conditioners.

Hisense Inverter technology provides high reliability and minimum maintenance thanks to its ventilation motors and brushlessness. In addition to easily regulating the temperature of your home, with Hisense air conditioners you can save up to 50% compared to conventional air conditioners.

The new air conditioning models offered by Hisense have Smart Running technology. A button on the remote control called “Smart” that, when pressed, makes the appliance regulate the temperature depending on the environment.

In addition, through the sensor located in the remote control of the air conditioning, it allows the device to detect the ambient temperature and transmit it to the indoor unit. Thanks to this technology, the air conditioning works with the detected temperature and is able to regulate the intensity by means of the “I feel” system.

The Hisense air conditioning range

After getting to know the characteristics of Hisense air conditioning systems and their technology, these are some of the latest generation models offered by the brand:

This Hisense air conditioning model has the A+++ energy label, which means that it is an appliance that enjoys “energy excellence”. Appliances with this label are those that ensure minimum consumption and, thanks to this, energy savings. In addition, it is equipped with “Smart” and “I feel” technology, as well as the exclusive Inverter technology used in all Hisense air conditioners. And finally, it has a wifi connection so that you can regulate it from anywhere.

It is the big brother of the QA25XX0A. It has the same features as the previous model, surpassing it for its power. Discover its 4-level temperature compensation and programming system to turn it on and off at the desired time. Finally, Hisense air conditioners have maximum power and quality with minimum noise. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in silence.

The intelligent home is already a reality and that is why Hisense promotes the development of this technology to try to make your life easier. If you are interested in this post and want to know more about the latest technologies developed by Hisense, we recommend reading about the three new modules of IoT (Internet of Things). Let’s take advantage of the possibilities that the future offers us!

Technology has entered our lives to the point of offering a Smart Home. Today, we can enjoy fully intelligent, self-contained homes that perform any household task on their own.

If you’re still not sure what Smart Home means, you just need to know that it’s a fully connected home that achieves a higher level of efficiency and sustainability, as well as a higher level of security. It offers absolute control of compatible appliances through the mobile as it establishes a connection with Smart Home Wifi. So you get total control of what happens in your home without any effort.

Converting your home into a Smart Home is very simple, you will only need a current mobile phone to which all devices are connected via Wifi. From the screen of your mobile you are going to be able to send the operating orders to any connected technological device. Now you can say: “With my Smart Home I have much more free time!”

The great advantage of a Smart Home System is the free time you will have to do anything and the great comfort offered by being able to control your entire home from a smartphone.

It is true that there are many appliances that you can control through the applications created by the brands. So a Smart Home and Apps are going to make any household task easier for you by being able to easily and intuitively control your appliances that have the latest technology.