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Integrating Technology Into Your Home

Technology is everywhere in today’s average home. Computers, video game systems, big screen TVs and a myriad of other electronic gadgets that make our lives easier, more productive and often simply just more fun are all great additions to any home but sometimes they do tend to create a lot of clutter. That’s where fully integrated technology comes in. Integrated technology blends into the rest of your décor seamlessly allowing you to get the look you want without having to sacrifice any of your modern tech toys. With just a few remodeling tweaks and the assistance of a good electrician you can achieve this balance in your home. Here are just a few examples. Speakers That Are Heard, But Not Seen Huge speakers may say a lot about the quality of your sound system but they do not do a lot for the overall appearance of your home – unless rock concert chic is your personal design aesthetic. The latest trend is to get those speakers out of sight altogether by having them built right into the walls. In the hands of a good remodeling professional everything is embedded within the walls and perfectly positioned for the best possible acoustics. The other great advantage of having speakers built right into the walls is that all the unsightly wires will be out of the way, one of the biggest complaints homeowners have about home entertainment  systems. The TV That Disappears The wall mounted TV – especially if it is a big screen model – is very popular these days but it does tend to dominate whichever room it is in. This may be fine when it is in use but it then sits there being rather uninteresting to look at when switched off and can tend to lower the aesthetic appeal of the room. One answer is to have a retractable cover that can be used to literally make the TV disappear when it is not in use. People choose a favorite piece of artwork, a great family photo or even a mirror and, in a very James Bond-esque  touch, once installed such a system will hide the TV at the flip of a switch. Ingeniously simple but those who have had this kind of function added to their home usually end up wondering what they ever did without it. iPods Really Do Everything The idea of having a central control system installed your home  to manage a number of different gadgets and functions from one central location is not a new one – several attempts at these kinds of systems have been around for quite a few years now. They are now even better though as, instead of having to remember just where you put the remote control that adjusts the stereo system, TV, security alarm,  lighting and even the blinds, you can do it all right from your iPhone or iPad. These are just a few of the ways that technology can be integrated into your home to look as good as it functions. A good remodeling contractor, electrician and/or architect can probably tell you about many more.

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Embracing Home Automation Technology

With the modern age that we have today, home automation technology is helping a lot of homeowners who are making sure of their safety and convenience. Today, you do not have to suffer from heat since you can have an air conditioning system that can make your whole home very cool. You do not have to tire yourself turning on and off the lights in every room of your home, since you can use a remote lighting control. You do not have to be worried about your home when you are away since you can set up a security alarm system that can notify the authorities in case of fire or intrusion.

Before, having all of these luxuries were not affordable, these were just being used by rich individuals but not anymore. Any individual who wishes to live a life with convenience, comfort and security, can embrace the systems that technology has provided for them.

Actually, the demand for home automation technology is increasing today, knowing what it can do for you and your family. With this automation, your garage door can be opened or closed automatically. With the help of touch panels that are being controlled by the use of the internet, you can have many home automation systems that can help you make life easier, better and safer.

So, if you are building a home or doing a home improvement, making use of home automation technology would be a great move. Investing in it is worth it, knowing what it can do for you. It can not only add up aesthetic value to your home but it can bring convenience, comfort, security, elegance, and beauty to your home.

Knowing that there are automation systems for you can choose from, you can begin with the basic ones. But if you have enough budget for it, you can go for the comprehensive home automation systems available today.

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Information Technology

“To create the adda ambience-a joint where friends can meet together, enjoy music and drinks after a hard day’s work, was the basic idea of designing WTF”, explains shabnam. This chain of bar cum restaurants has become a range with young professionals in Mumbai. Currently, the two WTF, the first one at khar and second one at versova have been designed by the talented designer and there are six more WTF coming up at various areas of Mumbai . the youthful interior of WTF attract the younger generation for its easy out ambience that has been meticulously designed. Here the designed has successfully created an economical destination for the youngsters by working on a tight budget. Red walls, giant fibre bulbs, a super bar counter and memorabilia from yester year’s collection spread all across the walls are the signature style of WTF.the rustic look with dash of modern lends a hip-hop feel, resembling the countryside bars, has been successfully executed by the talented designer.

The 5-bhk adobe has an amalgamation of traditional Indian as blend of modern plush interiors, the blend of sandstone flooring, rustic colored walls with modern sleek create an outstanding ambience. Shabnam gives a lot of credit to her clients and says, “every client contributes a lot while briefing. I am very fortune that our client have shown immense trust in what we have to offer them, while this trust may work in our favor but also it makes us more responsible not to let our client’ vision taken for granted. We put in our best all time and our dedicated staff work very hard to provide the best!”

Our dream and our hopes make us, break us and inspire us to live. Three artists from Mumbai: neeta pathare, varsha are exploring the world of dreams, hopes and illusions through the exhibition titled: creams, hopes and illusion. The use of vibrant colours in these painting spread positivism and reflects the world. The exhibition is scheduled in Mumbai.

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